Plan For Your Future

Life After YouthBuild

The YouthBuild experience focuses on helping trainees improve their self-sufficiency and marketability by teaching important job skills, strengthening educational backgrounds, and instilling leadership values.

After successfully completing YouthBuild, some participants focus on finding a full-time job, others seek advanced vocational training, and still others apply to college. Whatever the next step may be, YouthBuild helps participants plan for their future.

Success in YouthBuild can mean success in your future.

Career Counseling

YouthBuild provides a variety of information and counseling services to help trainees determine what type of job or educational opportunity they might want to pursue:

  • We help trainees find job shadowing and on-the-job-training opportunities, where they work with area businesses to learn important job skills and gain work experience.
  • We schedule off-site trips and bring in industry speakers to help provide insight into different types of careers.
  • We provide information and advice on college and other educational and vocational training opportunities and financing options.
  • We can provide job leads and employer recommendations (based on program performance).

Alumni Support

Whether you graduated from YouthBuild last year or 10 years ago, we’re always happy to be a source of information and advice to YouthBuild alumni!

Check out our Alumni Portal and Helpful Links sections for useful information.

Or contact us to schedule a time to discuss how we can help you!