YouthBuild NCWV Board & Staff

Staff Commitment

The staff of YouthBuild North Central will provide a program atmosphere that respects each trainee’s unique talents and background. We will work to support your efforts toward personal growth and development.

Staff Code of Conduct
The staff of YouthBuild North Central holds itself to a high standard of professionalism. If we are to inspire young people to ethical leadership, we ourselves must be exemplary role models.

YouthBuild North Central WV Staff

Our Staff

Michelle Phares
Program Manager

Randy Cunningham
Construction Supervisor
394-637-9008 x12

Otto High
Construction Trainer

Jennifer Griggs
Grants Manager

Thomas Akers
Education Coordinator

Sharell Harmon
Program Assistant

Tara Webley
Job Developer

Our Board of Directors

The board of the Randolph County Housing Authority oversees YouthBuild North Central West Virginia.