About YouthBuild North Central West Virginia

YouthBuild = Tools for Life

YouthBuild North Central West Virginia is a chapter of the national non-profit organization YouthBuild USA, which started in New York City in 1988. Today, there are more than 270 YouthBuild programs in 46 states, Washington, DC, and the Virgin Islands engaging approximately 10,000 young adults each year.

The purpose of YouthBuild is to help participants develop a variety of skill sets that they can use to create a better future for themselves. We call these “tools for life.”

Through YouthBuild, motivated young people aged 16 to 24 commit to a full-time program to earn their high school equivalency certificate, learn marketable job skills, and develop important leadership skills—all while earning a paycheck.

24 Years of Success!

Since 1995, YouthBuild North Central WV has worked to help young adults from West Virginia become self-sufficient, responsible members of their communities. We give young adults the tools they need to get a good job and keep it.

YouthBuild North Central is dedicated to providing an atmosphere that fosters growth, respect and dignity to all we serve with love and appreciation.

A key aspect of YouthBuild involves preparing participants for the TASC—Test Assessing Secondary Completion (the new national high school equivalency exam). Another part of the program involves training in the construction of affordable housing for low-income residents in our local community. This work is reinforced with classroom instruction, job shadowing, and personal guidance. Other types of vocationaleducational, and leadership training are also provided.

YouthBuild also helps participants plan for their future, which may involve career counseling, advice on applying to colleges, finding advanced vocational training, or other support. An active alumni program is also available to help former YouthBuild participants continue their progress.

YouthBuild North Central WV Facts

Since 1995:

  • More than 700 young adults have participated in the program.
  • YouthBuild participants have constructed more than 15 quality, affordable homes for local West Virginia residents.
  • Most YouthBuild participants have earned their high school equivalency certificate.
  • The majority of YouthBuild graduates have moved on to a sustainable job.

Interested in Applying?

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